Every Podcast I Love is Dead is a music podcast dedicated to people who love music and those who make it! We feature guests from all over the industry; Musicians, Bands, Solo Artists, podcasters, promotors, radio hosts, producers and so much more.

EPILID aired it's final episode on June 23, 2022. All episodes remain on listening platforms. Thanks for the support over the years! See you in the Pit!

Check out Haunting Abaddon

Haunting Abaddon Episode 4 - The Demon Series: Abaddon/Apollyon

Welcome to the dark and terrifying world of Demonology. We kick off the series with the shows namesake demon Abaddon (a.k.a Apollyon).

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Haunting Abaddon Episode 3 - The Electric toy and the Shadow Man

On this third chilling tale, we have a true story from our friend Joseph of the Cognitive Discourse podcast recount his encounter with a Shadow Man when he was younger.

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