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S3E16 - The final episode

The time has come for me to say farewell to EPILID. It has been an incredible run but knowing when it's time to move on means making tough choices.

We say goodbye in the best way we know how, playing killer tunes from bands we interviewed and some we didn't get the opportunity to.

Until next time...See you in the pit!


1. Carmilla - "Who Gives a Fu**"

2. Casket Robbery - "From Hell"

3. Autumn Lies Burried - "Inhuman Skin"

4. Suburban Death March - "How Soon is Never?"

5. Wilt - "Strings of a lingering heart"

6. Illusions of Grandeur - "Demons"

7. DramaScream - "Sham"

8. Mediaslaves - "Anxiety"

9. Bellwether - "Where did you sleep last night?" (Lead Belly Cover)


It was one of our more popular episodes from season 2, EPILID radio returns with a whole bunch of great music, both new and old from your favorite EPILID Guests.

Color&Shade, CYB3RTERRA, Bellwether, Non-Residents, Planepacked, DramaScream, Joan Avant, Media Slaves, Coma Hole, White Trash Blues Band, Finding Aurora, Huri Hau, Wonky Tonk, and No Call No Show!

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