Every Podcast I Love is Dead is a music podcast dedicated to people who love music and those who make it! We feature guests from all over the industry; Musicians, Bands, Solo Artists, podcasters, promotors, radio hosts, producers and so much more.

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S3E16 - The Final Episode

It's been an amazing run! Meeting all these bands, discovering all this new music, networking with other podcasters/streamers/creators and all the memories. The time has come to say goodbye to the podcast that has occupied my free time and helped me manage my mental health through some challenging times.

I will carry on with Haunting Abaddon so find me over there! And of course Basic Ass Dudes as the opportunity presents itself.

For now, enjoy this final episode of EPILID featuring incredible bands that we had the opportunity to interview and some we didn't get to.

Until next time, see you in the pit!

Listen to this week's episode here:

Haunting Abaddon Episode 2 - The bot Dilemma

The internet can be a frightening place. When you've built your entire brand online, it can be so fragile in the wrong hands...Listener Discretion is advised.

Listen Here

Haunting Abaddon Episode 1 - The Lane House

Episode 1 of the new podcast from EPILID Media, Haunting Abaddon, has arrived. This terrifying tale introduces audiences to a house full of terrifying secrets and horrors. Listener Discretion is advised. Listen here